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Service Management for Automotive Industry

This functionality provided by Elva DMS enables users to efficiently manage all service activities for different kinds of transporters and/or vehicles. You may use it as a fleet service management solution. Considering that Elva DMS is built directly within Microsoft Dynamics NAV, its user interface is as intuitive and easy to use as any other Microsoft business software.

Scheduling & Planning

The Elva DMS Scheduler is a highly interactive online tool that has been designed for mechanic time registration, customer visit planning, service order management, booking over locations, as well as to analyze the amount of time actually spent in comparison to invoiced or standard time.

Auto Repair Time Clock

Time clocking makes it easy to measure repair shop efficiency and to make it more profitable. Register the time mechanic begins, postpones and finishes the job. Use time clocking information to get full reports on shop efficiency, employee productivity and more. Integrations with manufacturer catalogues makes everyday repair shop operations even more convenient.

Time clock ensures:

  • Easy understandable job lists for technician
  • Standard event registration
  • Job postponement reason registration
  • Workflow and technician performance analysis
  • Precise wages and bonuses calculation
  • Integrated manufacturer catalogues
  • Access from various devices

Barcodes for service management

Use barcode technology to speed up different data registration process at service garage such as spare part scanning and adding to sales or service invoices. Each job card / service order could be printed out with job barcode. Use this barcode to stamp in / out mechanics time – it automatically adopts service scheduler to actual time when job is started or finishes and it recognizes mechanics. Use barcode cards to recognize mechanics for time registration instead of touchscreen, RFID or swipe card technologies.

External Service Management

This particular functionality is meant to help you manage outsourced services in an efficient manner. Not only can you purchase, but even sell external services. This includes cleaning, body works and window tinting etc.

Service History Management

The system helps you acquire complete control over operations that are to be performed during the vehicle repair and maintenance process. Information can always be easily accessed via the system regarding repair and maintenance history of a vehicle. You may also acquire details about vehicle owner, driver contacts, available mechanics, spare part availability, usage, service plans, and planned service time etc.

Service Document Management

The entire document creation cycle can be viewed from service quote to service order and invoicing. The job card, or service order contains every single bit of information required about a service transaction.

An agreement is setup by the contract management functionality with the customer regarding the service level that is expected to be delivered. You may also use it for warranty management over service items and spare parts. Information regarding contract history, contract renewal, and contract templates is held within this feature. All details on response times, service levels, discount levels, and service history of each contract can also be recorded into it.

Vendor Item Management

Extensive lists of items from vendor catalogs can be easily managed via this functionality. You may also use vendor catalogues while searching through the system for a necessary spare part. This not just saves time, but also prevents the warehouse from being overloaded with spare parts that just might never come into use. The service manager can also indulge in the creation of a new item card, which can later be sent to the purchase manager without entering or leaving the system to access a third party catalogue.

Insurance Financial Management

This functionality is best used in case the basic repair expenses needs to be split between the insurance company and the owner of the vehicle. Through the Elva DMS system, you may easily split sales invoices, so that a transaction can be posted where parts of the expenses need to be covered by the insurance company. The remaining sum will then need to be invoice to the vehicle owner.