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No, this won’t be an article on how to rob your employer in the best and most quality way possible. This will be an article on my observations while working with various automotive customers and on the creative approach of employees in robbing their employers.

This experience might be useful to some of you. Maybe not! Nevertheless, owners and managers of companies of the automotive industry will definitely find this interesting to read. Maybe some new ideas will arise on how to spot and stop internal theft in your automotive company.

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When choosing dealership management system (DMS), one of the main tasks is to compare available systems. There are so many of them in the market, and their range is constantly changing. To make it easier for customers to select best fitting system, I have done some Internet research. In a result, I have made a list of 400+ TOP dealer management and fleet maintenance software vendors from all over the world.Some of the listed software cover full ERP and DMS functionality (like Elva DMS), some delivers just a DMS functionality, and some solutions cover only few specific functions that automotive industry organization might need.

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Automotive industry ERP solution Elva DMS


Last year, I worked with 30 to 40 countries. In the light of these activities, I’ve decided that it would be interesting and useful to make a summary of all incoming inquiries and create TOP 10 most popular topics of greatest interest to automotive industry customers in the context of the DMS (Dealer Management System). Based on their inquiries, I’ve created a summary of IT trends in the automotive industry and described them in my blog.

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