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Contact Management for Automotive Industry

All of the external entities that you hold business relations with – including customers, vendors and prospective customers – can easily be recorded in the system as contact. Information on an organization, or a particular contact at that company can also be recorded. If you make a double-entry of a particular contact that already exists in the system, the duplicate check function will give you a warning for the same.
Users can maintain a basic overview of their contacts, whereas your approach to them can be personalized. The sales & debtors application area is tightly integrated within the functionality, which means that you can use it to issue quote to prospective clients, or create sales documents for certain contacts.

If you wish, you may classify your contacts by assigning different categories to them. The program has the potential to automatically classify all of your customers on the basis of criteria that you specify. This information can come much in handy when targeting contacts for your multiple campaigns.

Interaction Management

The contacting management feature allows you to record all of the interactions that you have with your contacts. This includes meetings, telephone calls, and letters etc. All of the documents can be attached to interactions in the form of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Work or .txt files. The program can record interactions automatically.

Every single document that is sent out to your contacts is logged, and you may retrieve it later for viewing purposes. You may even use telecom devices to call your contacts by clicking a button on the contact card. The contact card can also be used to make Skype calls.