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Marketing Management for Automotive Industry

Users are now given the ability to complete and control all of their marketing campaigns for several different segments. Details on marketing history can also be acquired.

Contacts can additionally be segmented on the basis of common characteristics. These are inclusive of:

  • Contact profiles
  • Sales
  • Interactions
  • Vehicle information


You may even choose to reuse existing segments or segmentation criteria. The reutilization of existing segments by making specifications on whether these segments should be updated each time that new information is entered about the contact or not.

Another feature that you can benefit from is that of freezing the group to keep an eye on follow-up activities like direct mailing. A Microsoft Office Word document can also be used to mail-merge the identified segments. However, you may even use other file types to send to the contacts found within the segment.

Moreover, the system also allows for you to send copies of the same document to people belonging to varying nationalities. Most interestingly, they will receive the document translated into their native languages. Statistics can also be acquired on campaign results, contacts and lost sales.

Recall campaign management

The information received from manufacturers, such as recall summary, VIN number etc., can be used for the creation of client segments. You may also choose to contact your clients through phone calls or emails to update them about your further strategies.