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BI & Reporting in Automotive Industry

There are a number of standard reports associated with business processes that are contained within the system. You are basically given the ability to specify all the different sorts of information that the report should hold, and the ways in which the information needs to be included in the report.

Financial Reporting

The system has the potential to let you access information pertaining to day-to-day decisions. Managers can easily use it to figure out the basic cause of problems. Most importantly, through the functionality, users can additionally acquire detailed overview of the entire sales and purchase transaction records. This is meant to help decision makers acquire the potential to instantly get to view sales dynamics, perform an analysis of inventory turnover and carry out an evaluation of the buying behavior of customers, evaluate trends, sort out product offerings, work on prices, vendors and reach wiser decisions


Intrastat is a required reporting process that must be adhered to by all European Union (EU) organizations that trade with other EU countries. Through this functionality, you automatically acquire necessary information to report Intrastat information to the concerned statistics authorities.

Data analytics with PowerBI

Get interactive real-time data reports with visual analytics. Make your own personalized live dashboards and access the data on the go by using mobile devices. Create your perfect business intelligence by connecting to hundreds of data sources. Simply process the data and enjoy beautiful reports and analysis.