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Financial Reporting in Automotive Industry

The system has the potential to let you access information pertaining to day-to-day decisions. Managers can easily use it to figure out the basic cause of problems. Most importantly, through the functionality, users can additionally acquire detailed overview of the entire sales and purchase transaction records. This is meant to help decision makers acquire the potential to instantly get to view sales dynamics, perform an analysis of inventory turnover and carry out an evaluation of the buying behavior of customers, evaluate trends, sort out product offerings, work on prices, vendors and reach wiser decisions.

Apart from that, users can also view figures in both quantities, as well as accounts. Most importantly, comparisons can be made by budget along with periods. In order to acquire indicators of the performance of the company, the figures just needs to be placed in to a formula.

Dimension based analysis

If you filter on dimensions, you will be able to put the entire reporting function of the account schedules through a major extension. This is basically meant to help in the creation of financial reports as per their dimensions. These include:

  • Expense centers
  • Departments
  • Locations
  • Employees etc.

Analysis capabilities of financial reporting are heavily reliant upon the General Ledger accounts, cash flow accounts and cost types.

When a dimension value filter is set, you will only be able to access entries that have the said dimension values set in the analysis view. You can perform a filter for any given time period, including day, week, month, year etc. You may even conduct a date to date filter.

The user can also export the acquired analysis view to Microsoft Excel. This way, it will be easier for the said information to be shared with external parties that cannot access the system. In order to products a graphical analysis view, it is highly recommended for the Excel chart functionality to be utilized.