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Cash Management for Automotive Industry

Cash management is meant to be used for the management of the organization’s bank accounts. All of the company’s bank details are contained in the Bank Account Card feature. Here’s what the users can do on the Bank Account Card:

  • Process any and all payments that are received from customers
  • Annul a check
  • Process payments that are to be made to vendors
In order to make sure that transactions are always reconciled, it is necessary for bank reconciliations to be run. Also, you can acquire system suggestions over the payments, which are to be based on set-up. For instance, available cash amount today, important vendors and due to date invoices etc.

Details on Cash Flow Forecasting

Through this feature, you will be able to formulate predictions with regards to the cash flow of a company. Get your hands on a number of cash flow plans, and formulate as many cash flow forecasts as you are interested in. Users are also given the ability to utilize account schedules along with cash flow forecast statistics to perform an analysis over cash flow forecasts.