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Financial Budgeting & Forecasting for Automotive Industry

A budget is one of the most vital tools for companies these days. It is used in business intelligence to perform a measurement of the actual financial operation of the business versus the forecasts made. Through the budget feature, you will be able to do:

  • Import budgets from, and export budgets to Microsoft Excel
  • Formulate simple and intricate budgets by choosing several different aspects
  • Work on the creation of multiple budgets for similar time periods
  • Copy budgets from previous periods, and make revisions over budget figures or actual figures
System allows you to work with a number of budgets. These are inclusive of:
  • Financial
  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Project or item
You may easily use this function to create, copy and work with a number of budgets on a simultaneous basis. For instance, you can choose to work with a 100% budget, a 110% budget etc.

Details on Cost Budgets

With this feature, you are given the ability to formulate as many budgets as you wish to. Most importantly, all of these budget function quite like the general ledger budget. You may even choose to copy the cost budget to the general ledger budget and vice versa. Budgeted costs can also be transferred to actual costs.