Fixed Asset Management

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Fixed Asset Management for Automotive Industry

This particular functionality is meant to help users acquire an overview of all fixed assets and provide correct periodic depreciation. The system is also meant to help users manage insurance policies, and maintenance costs related to fixed assets, post fixed asset transaction, and generate varying statistics and reports.

Through the system, you may acquire the ability to perform calculations on a number of depreciation books simultaneously, and then use them for various business processes. This includes tax reporting under country laws, or internal financial reporting to the headquarters of the organization.

One or more insurance policies can be attached to each fixed asset. You may use the system to make sure that your insurance policy amounts are in compliance with the value of the assets that have been linked to the said policy. This will help you in monitoring all of your annual insurance premiums.

Different percentages of fixed asset transactions can be allocated as well. This includes acquisition cost, and depreciation, both of which can be applied to varying projects and/or departments. You may also use this features in case there are several departments that share a particular fixed asset. Fixed asset can be allocated to responsible individual.

Fixed Asset Maintenance

You may use this feature to record all of your maintenance and service expenses for individual fixed assets. For every asset, you are given the option to record maintenance costs, and upcoming service dates. This particular information is going to come much in handy when you need to decide whether a fixed asset needs to be replaced or not.

Asset Transfer

Asset transfers can be used to split, transfer, or combine assets. You may also use it to transfer assets from one location to the other. Through this functionality, you will always have exact information about the current location of your assets.