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Multicompany Management & Consolidation in Automotive Industry

Consolidation is a term that is used to signify the combination of the financial statements of two or more separate companies or subsidiaries into a single consolidated financial statement. The basic functionality of this features presents a solid consolidation report that can help in the determination of the total financial situation that will impact the entire group.
Through Elva DMS, you are given the opportunity to indulge in the management of data about varying companies in a single license/database by using the same sessions/users. You may even choose to run businesses as distinct units and then formulate a consolidated financial statement for them. For instance, each brand dealership can be considered a separate legal entity.
The most interesting feature that users get to benefit from is that of intercompany postings and their associated documents become related without forming double or copied entries. For example, an entry created to represent sales invoice in company A will automatically become an entry for purchase invoice in company B.