Spare Part Replenishment

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Spare Part Replenishment

The replenishment functionality is meant to help you acquire a basic overview of inventory levels, along with expected supplies over time. This plays a major role in providing an accurate delivery date for multiple items. You may make calculations of the item price for specified clients.

Apart from that, basic measurements can be set up. This includes:

  • Maximum items in the stock
  • Minimum items in the stock
  • Delivery time
  • Order package amounts or the number of items required for regular delivery

The system can also generate purchase requests on the basis of setup and actual stock information.

Purchase manager is given the ability to complete all orders in a centralized ordering system where purchase can be run through. Moreover, the system can be run by item groups or locations that are pertaining to varying Elva DMS users. The system is also responsible for the performance of automated replenishment on the basis of stores or workshop locations.

All of the records in the centralized ordering systems, which include automated inventory level messages, item reservations or service requests and customer spare part orders, can be used for the generation of order suggestion in the dashboard. The information can then be reviewed by the purchase manager. They may also make amendments to vendors or quantities and create basic purchase orders. As a purchaser, you will also be able to look through

Elva DMS solution allows purchasers see inventory levels by service locations or stores based on time (available amount of the item in specific location at exact date in the future).