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Warehouse Management System for Automotive Industry

The Warehouse Management System or WMS comes with a number of features that are meant to offer assistance with the administration of workflow-based internal, inbound and outbound warehouse activities. It comes packed with extensive warehouse functionality. This includes bin ranking, calculated picks and moves, cross docking and cycle counting.

The following basic processes are supported by this functionality:

  • Item handling for all internal movements, distributions and production 
  • Receiving items at the warehouse and making sure that they are available
  • Picking and shipping items to customers and other multiple locations

Through the WMS, you can also define options in terms of where and how the items are going to be received and expedited additionally in the entire warehouse process.

Serial number tracking

Serial number tracking feature can account for information pertaining to all unique pieces of merchandise. This includes:

  • When the merchandise is received
  • When it is expected to expire
  • Where it needs to be placed
  • Which customer purchased it
  • When the customer purchased it

Multiple quantities can be received and shipped through the functionality with lot and serial numbers from a single order detailed record. Through it, you can easily acquire detailed information about the transaction history of each item, and maintain all records that are required to trace an item while it is passed along the supply chain. Items from the vendor to the customer can also be tracked.

The system can also assist in directing items that are on ‘orders awaiting shipment’ from the receive zone straight to the eventual shipping zone. While you are at it, there is no need for you to worry about placing them in cross-docking or storage.

Internal activities

There are countless activities that you may perform within the ware house. These are inclusive of:

  • Move items
  • Maintain entries in the warehouse ledger
  • Manage shop floor bins
  • Pick and put away internally
  • Eliminate warehouse items
  • Count warehouse items
  • Reclassify warehouse items
  • Set up and utilize cycle counting

Outbound Items

All items can be handled by this functionality as well, and includes shipping cross-decked items and breaking bulk items. You may use it to pick document per order, or conduct a combination of different orders, and pick multiple orders in a single round. The following activities are supported by the system for outbound items:

  • Ship items.
  • Ship cross-docked items.
  • Break bulk when shipping.
  • Pick items with serial/lot numbers.