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Mobile app

Access data from your favourite iOS, Windows or Android device – be it tablet, phone or other mobile device. Switch your device on the go, during meetings or at home and access your Elva DMS business data from anywhere. Elva DMS Mobile App gives the portability and flexibility in casual system use (e.g. approving an invoice or KPI reporting). Mobile App is touch-optimized that provides fast and intuitive navigation trough data. Data layout is easy to read and adjusted to any mobile device.

Heavy Equipment Rental

Make equipment rental process fast and easily manageable. Use Elva DMS to:

  • Register and filter rental items
  • Set up rent packages
  • Oversee rental item availability
  • Fast rental offer set up
  • Easy and flexible pricing
  • Easy equipment rental invoicing
  • Fast rental contract creation
  • Control rental equipment technical status
  • Customized reporting

Document Management

This functionality comes inclusive of document approval option. Through it, users get the ability to submit a document for approval purposes in accordance with predefined hierarchies of managers. Documents for approval can be viewed in a rather interactive manner in RTC or Role Tailored Technology – Dashboard.

Multiple Language

Multilingual features are enabled in Elva DMS, and the system is available in different translated languages. The default language is English, but you may choose to run system in various languages simultaneously and rest assured that all your other local adaptations are going to remain unchanged.

POS & Retail Management

The PoSLink functionality is particularly meant to support the billing/fiscal printing aspect straight through the ElvaDMS interface. However, it may additionally be integrated to third party POS software. This features basically makes it possible for users to work seamlessly with all major retailed functions. This includes:

  • POS data
  • Gift cards
  • Cashier management
  • Varying payment methods
  • Pricing and offers
  • Store management
  • Customer loyalty

Integrations & Interfaces

Elva DMS can be integrated to Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, OneNote), Microsoft SQL Server, Bing maps, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Skype and a number of other POS, Web, GPS and Mobile System. You can also use the cloud version with Office 365.

Elva DMS is basically a dealer management system that is meant to provide assistance in the management of vehicle, and spare parts supply, right from the manufacturers to the customers. The best part about Elva DMS is that it can easily be integrated with a variety of manufacturer-specific OEM, data sources and third party interfaces for service ordering purposes.

Project Management

There are multiple tools that are offered by Elva DMS for the management of projects. These are inclusive of building projects, delivery projects, short/long term projects wherein budgeting, calculations, controlling, comparing, reporting and management need to be conducted. There are two different ways in which ElvaDMS can manage project reporting and calculations. It involves adding in varying dimensions to the already set records, or the utilization of the project module.

Manufacturing Process Management

This function allows you to manage the ways in which your organization plans, supplies, produces, schedules, tracks and reports manufactured goods. The vehicle manufacturing module is best used in cases where an extensive manufacturing process of the vehicle is followed. Requests like car tuning managements, vehicle rebuilding functionality, bus assembly software, and other manufacturing processes are supported by the system with an extensive time frame in which detailed calculations need to be performed over production.

Project based manufacturing, or production to the stock is supported by the basic production module.

Vehicle Marginal VAT

Vehicle marginal VAT is a functionality designed for all used car dealers who operate in countries with marginal VAT requirements. Our system is designed to calculate vehicle cost (with all the additional services and spare parts) and the difference between the sale price and the cost. The system automatically applies a VAT tax to this difference.