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Document Management in Automotive Industry

This functionality comes inclusive of document approval option. Through it, users get the ability to submit a document for approval purposes in accordance with predefined hierarchies of managers. Documents for approval can be viewed in a rather interactive manner in RTC or Role Tailored Technology – Dashboard.
The notification system that is included in this functionality offers details on the status of relevant documents to users as well as approvers. There is an optional email notification function that can be customized to suit the organization’s particular needs.Functionality automatically enters information about the creation date for documents, and calculates due dates. All through the Elva DMS technology, users are provided with the ability to print any system card or document in PDF, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel file. Users may also attach different type of file, including pictures of vehicles to modules, system cards, and documents. A hyperlink to the file location can be attached as well.

Integration to Microsoft SharePoint is also possible through the Elva DMS technology where you may extend document management features.