Heavy Equipment Rental

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Heavy Equipment Rental

Make equipment rental process fast and easily manageable. Use Elva DMS to:

Register and filter rental items

Predefine rent items based on criteria whether it is equipment or other item.

Oversee all the information about your equipment – brand, model, etc. Define equipment groups based on this information.

Define the specification for your equipment – what is the length of your machinery, what is the maximum height at which it can reach an object, etc.

Create transfer orders and indicate whether you sent the rent item or received it.

Set up rent packages

Group your equipment and set default rent package for additional services (for example delivery, set up, collection etc.).

Oversee rental item availability

Easy see if rental equipment is available or not for a specific period, and monitor its motor hours. Also see the amount of available rental items for specific period.

Fast rental offer set up

It is easy - choose a client, indicate the start and end date of the rental period (it includes the information about the acceptable motor hours) and select the rent item to complete a rental offer.

Easy and flexible pricing

Set up equipment rent prices based on different period types – hour, day, week, month.

Easy equipment rental invoicing

Define the period for which you want to write an invoice. For example, it can be for this month only or for the whole rental period. If you want to receive a deposit payment before the rent, add deposit rows. The deposit return row will be automatically added to the last invoice.

Register the date on which the equipment unit was delivered and received, what were the motor hours before and after and calculate the amount that has to be paid for the extra hours.

Fast rental contract creation

Create and print contracts using Word templates. You can print a separate contract for each equipment unit.

Control rental equipment technical status

Create technical condition inspection sheet based on your requirements. Check the equipment and record if the tire pressure is inspected, isn’t the tires outworn, etc. Check this document twice – before the rental period and after it.

Customized reporting

Make reports about the rental turnover (amounts).