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Integrations for Automotive Industry

Elva DMS can be integrated to Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, OneNote), Microsoft SQL Server, Bing maps, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Skype and a number of other POS, Web, GPS and Mobile System. You can also use the cloud version with Office 365.

Elva DMS is basically a dealer management system that is meant to provide assistance in the management of vehicle, and spare parts supply, right from the manufacturers to the customers. The best part about Elva DMS is that it can easily be integrated with a variety of manufacturer-specific OEM, data sources and third party interfaces for service ordering purposes.

With the Dealer Management System or DMS interface with manufacturer OEM system, you get to:

  • Import spare part catalog
  • Import labor operation catalog
  • Import spare part invoice
  • Present after sales reports to the factory
  • Import vehicle purchase invoices

As a vehicle dealer, you can use OEM systems integrations to:

  • Assure yourself of exact data exchange to its ERP system called Dynamics 365
  • Enhance faster data input
  • Cut down on user mistakes
  • Reduce Service Order completion time
  • Increase speed with respect to the determination of required operations or products
  • Complete transactions quickly by excluding double data entry
  • Enhance work efficiency for qualified workforce

Elva DMS can also be set up for work purposes with Microsoft OneNote 2010. OneNote integration can be used for the synchronization of notes from a mobile OneNote installation with Microsoft Dynamics 365. OneNote may also be used to share recordings, pictures and other basic instructions all through the company. Once you have set up OneNote integration, you may add notes to a certain record or to complete page. However, if you wish to add in specific integrations as per your needs, please get in touch with an Elva DMS reseller.