Manufacturing Process Management

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Manufacturing Process Management in Automotive Industry

This function allows you to manage the ways in which your organization plans, supplies, produces, schedules, tracks and reports manufactured goods. The vehicle manufacturing module is best used in cases where an extensive manufacturing process of the vehicle is followed. Requests like car tuning managements, vehicle rebuilding functionality, bus assembly software, and other manufacturing processes are supported by the system with an extensive time frame in which detailed calculations need to be performed over production.

Project based manufacturing, or production to the stock is supported by the basic production module.

Bills of Materials

A BOM or Bill of Materials is basically comprised of a list of components that are required for the production of a main row item. Production recipes are best used for describing assembly, package deals and a number of other products, all of which are meant to be sold together. There also happen to be packaged transactions that are meant to calculate the direct unit cost of the bills of materials. The BOM comprises of both items, and/or raw materials and recourses. This includes time of equipment for the completion of precise cost price of new produced items.

Through the system, you can categorize an item as being both a finished good and a subassembly. BOM additionally comes with the ability to support the building of kits. These are basically individual items that are packaged or grouped together for the creation of a specialized item. Production recipes for kits can easily be defined as well as assigned to varying items. A BOM can also contain several different varied whose usage depends on stock availability or item variants.

Management of capacity

This function is best used to plan capacity, sales and usage statistics along with the profitability of resources. The utilization of resources can also be monitored through it. The system can also help you acquire a detailed overview of your capacity for each resource. Along with it, you can also access information about availability and planned costs on orders and quotes.

Production Orders

Production orders are particularly meant to be used for the management of conversion of purchased materials into manufactured items. The following information can be added to production orders:

  • Products that are planned to be manufactured
  • Materials that have been selected already
  • The components necessary for the production of manufactured products
  • Products that have already been manufactured
  • Materials that have previously been used for manufacturing operations

You may follow an order-by-order basis for the production orders both automatically and manually on the basis of other criteria. Production orders are also meant to assist in the maintenance of production in timely manner while cutting down on raw materials or spare parts whenever manufacturing is started. In the meantime, it also assists in the creation of new produced items whenever it is put through completion.


There is a powerful forecasting tool integrated within the planning system. All demand and supply data is taken into consideration by the planning system. It also has the potential to net the result, and offer suggestions with regards to balancing the supply so that demand can be fulfilled.

Recommendations are also made by the system to release supply orders for items by purchase, production or transfer. You can even acquire recommendations to reschedule unfinished manufacturing orders whenever due dates and need dates are out of phase.