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POS Management in Automotive Industry

The PosLink functionality is particularly meant to support the billing/fiscal printing aspect straight through the Elva DMS interface. However, it may additionally be integrated to third party POS software. This features basically makes it possible for users to work seamlessly with all major retailed functions. This includes:

  • POS data
  • Gift cards
  • Cashier management
  • Varying payment methods
  • Pricing and offers
  • Store management
  • Customer loyalty

Details about ERP systems and cash register data exchange

Through the POS link functionality, you can be assured that data exchange between POS’s and ERP system will be seamless. The system has the potential to support all types of file exchange and imports to the ERP system. Elva DMS and third party POS system integration is typically utilized when ERP system implementation is performed, but the customer is interested in keeping and using their existing POS systems.

Management of online cash register data

Extensive retail operations can be performed through the ERP system. The best place to use this particular option is when the customer is interested in acquiring online cash data, at dealerships or service stores that are in business to resell spare parts in counties where particular fiscal memory is not a requirement by the laws of the country.

Management of offline cash register data

Retail operations can easily be managed through the cash register, whereas POS device data can be synchronized with the Elva DMS ERP system to set up period. The dates can automatically, and even manually be posted for accounts purposes on the basis of your customized settings.

Role Dashboards

Designate specific roles for all users of the Elva DMS that are linked to cash operations. This particular option is best used by manager to monitor the retail operations of the organization, and to perform an analysis of sales data.

Item based information

Item descriptions can be modified, and the modified entries will appear over the cash register and receipt acquired through the Elva DMS system. Elva DMS and cash register synchronization is easily possible through the POS Link functionality.

Bar codes

Item bar codes can be generated manually. However, automatic generations are also possible.

Purchase prices and discounts

This feature allows for you to save and monitor all supplier prices. The information can then be put through an analysis on the basis of your specified criterion.

Sales prices and discounts

Equal item sales prices can be defined for all stores. However, shop locations can be used for differentiation purposes. You may use specific criteria to group prices. The DMS system additionally allows for you to change prices and send out regular updates to all shop cash registers. Varying offers can also be defined through the system, and are inclusive of:

  • Amount Discount
  • Mix Match
  • Time Discount
  • Item Group Offer
  • Agreement or Customer Specific Pricing

Portable data terminals

Best used to manage shop stochtaking (auditing), and conducting regular price checking, this feature helps scan item bar codes, and in acquiring exact inventory remain over your very own portable data terminal. You are also given the ability to pickup items through the shelf, and create detailed sales invoices through your handheld device – inclusive of Android, Microsoft and Apple mobile devices.
Whenever you receive an item for inventory purposes, you may easily scan its bar code, and acquire details regarding its prices, and instructions on item placement within the inventory (bin management).

Automated processes

You are now given the ability to automate every single one of your daily processes – both financial and/or technical. The system is then going to work on them, and there is not going to be any need for you to get involved in the procedure.


POS Link has the potential to support extensive integrations with varying third party cash register devices. The only thing that you must have is that of a device that has particularly been designed and developed for data exchange with back-office software.

Reporting and data analysis capabilities

Retail data can be classified and analyzed as per your specific criterion. Users are able to analyze it on the basis of different criterion including cashier, stores, and products etc.

Payments through credit cards

Payment data centers can also be integrated, which allows for credit card based payments to be ensured. Through the POS Link functionality, users can be assured of genuine payment information that is acquired through retail operations in the base ERP system.

Gift card registration and operations with gift cards

All of your gift card registers can easily be organized in the Elva DMS, which is automatically going to be put through a modification on the basis of information acquired through shops. Information is largely going to be available for all of the shops that are a part of the network. POSLink data exchange via the POS to back-office software has an automated functionality. However, you may set it to manual mode as well. It uses the POS to acquire latest data, and then imports it to the Microsoft Dynamics database filling standard Dynamics data tables.