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Project Management for Automotive Industry

There are multiple tools that are offered by Elva DMS for the management of projects. These are inclusive of building projects, delivery projects, short/long term projects wherein budgeting, calculations, controlling, comparing, reporting and management need to be conducted. There are two different ways in which ElvaDMS can manage project reporting and calculations. It involves adding in varying dimensions to the already set records, or the utilization of the project module.

Project setup and the utilization of resources

Project cards can be configured and resources can be scheduled via the system. You may also provide all the information required for the management of budgets and for the proper monitoring of the progress of the project.

Users are given the ability to manage long-term projects that need to keep track of:

  • Machine hours
  • Man hours
  • Extensive inventory items and other usage

Through the system, you will acquire the ability to overview individual jobs. But apart from that, you may also overview employee allocations, machinery and every other resource required for utilization of varying projects.

A major aspect of job planning is contract elements that are held by a company with customers who order a job. Another element that must be considered is based on the extensive utilization of items, resources, and a number of other G/L expenses. All of these aspects combined are formulated as project plan.

The system is integrated with the Sales module and you acquire the ability to invoice project or a part of the project create as regular invoice. Any expenses that are post job-related can be mentioned via purchase invoices, whereas usage entries from job journals can be linked as well. Purchase lines can be linked to job planning lines.

Long period projects

If a project is expected to run over an extended period of time, these costs can easily be transferred to a WIP or Work in Process account mentioned over the balance sheet all through the completion time period. A WIP method can also be created to reflect on the customized needs of your organization, industry and/or country.

Budget control

For any selected jobs in the project, users can easily compare the scheduled as well as the actual amounts.

Time management

Through the system, you have the ability to identify issues early and deter any cost overruns or delays in the project. All you need to do is to post time usage for an individual, or a machine and the entry will be reviewed by a manger for its usage and allocation.