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Vehicle Warranty Management Solution

This functionality is aimed at making it easier to submit vehicle warranty claims to manufacturers. The system allows the user to conveniently use a single service document to manage the service work that has been done. After the work is done, the user can easily identify those tasks to which the warranty applies. These can then be easily placed on a separate service document, then automatically establishing the relevant warranty claim to the factory.
The system shows the service history of the vehicle and the warranties that are in place at the specific moment in time. This includes information about the components of the vehicle to which the warranty applies, as well as the time period for each warranty. The system also stores the standard warranty issued by the manufacturer, as well as any extended warranties that are offered by the dealer or importer.

Management of recall campaigns

Clear management of recall campaigns on the basis of manufacturer instructions, e.g., work codes with standard times or spare parts that are to be used. Information about the recall campaign will allow the system to select the relevant vehicles and inform their owners that they must contact the service facility that does the work that is indicated by the manufacturer.

Warranty claims for service work

This function allows the user to file a warranty claim directly with the manufacturer for work done on an automobile that is under a warranty if the work relates to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Goodwill process management

This function is meant for situations in which the factory helps the client or dealer by agreeing to cover some costs of specific repairs after the expiration of the warranty.

Sale of warranties

The function makes it possible to manage the sale of extended warranties.

Links between the warranty and the vehicle

The system automatically adds warranties from the manufacturer that apply to the specific motor vehicle, allowing the user to manually add extended guarantees. The system pre-defines the set of warranties that will automatically be added to the vehicle when it is sold.

Submission of warranty applications to factories

The function make it possible to submit warranty applications to the factory simultaneously with an order for servicing. The user can add information about the specific problem to the warranty application, focusing on the type of the warranty, the identified problem, the part of the vehicle that is to blame, etc.

Thanks to integration with several manufacturer systems, the user can use a single button to submit the warranty application document to the manufacturer. The information does not have to be transferred manually to a third party system, which means that the Elva DMS system stores full information about warranty work, the type of work that is done and the cost of the work. It also presents information from the manufacturer about affirmation of the cost of warranty work and the amount of the rebate.

Elva DMS warranty management solution gives the following benefits:

  • It is easier to track costs that are sought from the factory for warranty work;
  • There is quick correlation and analysis of costs supported or not supported by the factory when it comes to warranty work (e.g., if the time actually spent differs from the standard time that is indicated by the factory);
  • There is analysis of approved and rejected claims in relation to warranty work, as well as the total number of claims that have been filed;
  • The system precisely correlates the number of necessary work hours to do the specific warranty work, analysing it in comparison to work times that are confirmed by the factory;
  • The submission of warranty work costs to the factory can be controlled easily;
  • Service orders can comfortably be divided up into several parts, and each part can then be processed separately, e.g., adding a payer to each of the parts.