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Auto Repair Time Clock

Time clocking makes it easy to measure repair shop efficiency and to make it more profitable. Register the time mechanic begins, postpones and finishes the job. Use time clocking information to get full reports on shop efficiency, employee productivity and more. Integrations with manufacturer catalogues makes everyday repair shop operations even more convenient.

Easy understandable job lists for technician

It is convenient for a working technician to oversee jobs scheduled for him and the time planned for each job. He can choose from his individual job list (or maintenance work set) or pick a job from a job pool.

Service supervisor can easy oversee all scheduled jobs. He can assign service job to a specific mechanic and mark when the job is being started, stopped and finished.

Standard event registration

Set up standard events – events that are common to all employees and cannot be invoiced to the customer. For example, meetings, trainings, lunch breaks etc. It is easy for employee to select suitable standard event and the system books employee’s scheduler for predefined time. During this time other jobs can’t be assigned to this mechanic.

Job postponement reason registration

It is handy for technician to register the reason why the work has been stopped. Choose from predefined job postponement reasons (e.g. lack of spare parts, end of the working day, etc.) and system registers it.

Workflow and technician performance analysis

Register scheduled jobs and the time technician spends on them. Time clocking gives exact statistics about actual time mechanic has spent on a specific job and allows to measure his productivity. Compare actual time with planned, standard or invoiced time. System registers any time unit that you require.

Get fast and reliable statistics about standard event (such as lunch break, meetings, etc.) or postponement reason impact on repair shop jobs in progress.

Precise wages and bonuses calculation

As the employee clock in at the beginning of the day and checks out at the end of the day, it is easy to precisely calculate wage for each mechanic based on data time clocking functionality provides. Calculate bonuses based on each mechanic’s work productivity. That includes time spent on a specific job, amount of jobs, invoiced amount etc.

Integrated manufacturer catalogues

Integrations with various manufacturer catalogues makes it easier and faster to calculate time needed for service works and to send required reports to the manufacturer.

Accessible from various devices

Time clocking can be used from various devices – mobile devices (phone or tablet), desktop devices (e.g. touchscreen computers or any other computer) and third party bar code scanners.