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Spare Part Management for Automotive Industry

Spare Part Sales Management

This functionality allows for you to automatically and/or manually create sales orders. Along with that, you may even choose to manage prepayment actions, and sell not just stock, but non-stock spare parts as well. Spare parts can also be transferred between different locations, and price policies for customers can be set. To serve your clients better, you may even create spare part sales agreements with them

Non-stock Item Management

Through the vendor catalogue integration feature, you can easily prevent overloading the warehouse with spare parts that are not required, or unnecessary. All the parts that you sell, but do not have stored in the inventory can be registered. You can also set prices for sales and purchase, whereas non-stock items and their discounts can also be managed.

Spare Part Booking

All existing and future inventory can be allocated to a specific sales order line. This way, inventory items will be prevented against being used for other purposes. You can automate the entire item reservation process. Items can also be reserved manually to gain full ownership and responsibility for the inventory that has been reserved.

Sales Document Management

With Elva DMS salespersons can create offers or quotes based on customer request –copy quote from other document such as invoice or order. Save unlimited versions of offer and confirm the chosen one for order.

When creating sales order you can split delivery and post it separately for finance and inventory data – deliver only the items from stock but missing items will be delivered later. Purchase department receive ordering request right after sales order is created. Reserve ordered items for customer in stock so no one can sell them for other customer.

Spare Parts Sales Budget

Elva DMS allows to prepare different sales budgets based on planed sales of spare parts by salesperson and product. Create sales pipeline on spare part item level with option to allocate budget to each specific customer or just a general sales. Create unlimited number of budgets for sales pipeline. Export budget to excel, change figures in excel (for example add multiplier) and import data back from excel to make new period budget in Elva DMS. Control actual sales information against the forecasted figures to manage sales department, calculate salaries or bonuses.

Spare Part Item Substitution

Each spare part can have one or many substituted items. Use this functionality to increase sales and to a void lost sales. Item of substitution can be a similar spare part but delivered from other vendor or it can be a spare part with the same characteristics. Link main spare part with items valid for substitution and allow this functionality in your service, spare part trade, in web shop or for mobile sales force.

Bar Codes for Spare Part Management

Use barcodes on your warehouse items to minimize mistakes and speed up sales, transfer and purchase processes. Each spare part can have unlimited barcodes due they are often changed by manufacturer. Use barcodes when receiving spare part orders. With Elva DMS mobile user you can use mobile devices such as phones or tablets equipped with the specific barcode scanner or just a simple device camera. If you are spare part distributor, your mobile sales staff can use mobile devices at customer stores to prepare delivery order and have customer signature on it without any paperwork. Barcodes could be used at warehouse to register locations such as shelves to ensure double control at receiving spare parts or sales processes.

Spare Part Purchase

The purchasing module allows all users through the system to register their individual needs, while concentrating this information to the central procurement. The feature acquires records via different system users, departments and locations, and stores them centrally. This includes users like spare part sales managers and service managers etc. This information can then be used by purchase managers to designate best orderings or to attain special pricing from vendors. This particular module additionally comes with acceptance functionalities for instances when it is vital for purchase documents to be accepted by the higher management prior to being released.