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Spare Part Sales Document Management

With Elva DMS salespersons can create offers or quotes based on customer request –copy quote from other document such as invoice or order. Save unlimited versions of offer and confirm the chosen one for order.
When creating sales order you can split delivery and post it separately for finance and inventory data – deliver only the items from stock but missing items will be delivered later. Purchase department receive ordering request right after sales order is created. Reserve ordered items for customer in stock so no one can sell them for other customer.

Build customer sales plan and give specific pricing for agreed delivery size or project. Let the system control what items from the plan is delivered and what items customer still should purchase. Invoice customer per delivery or once in a month based on delivered spare parts.
See statistics such as margin or cost price on each document and use this information when discussing terms with a customer. Manage terms such as payment days or discounts directly in each document or use system set-up to add terms by system.

Control customer debts or credit limits online when customer order or invoice is created.