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Spare Part Purchase Management

The purchasing module allows all users through the system to register their individual needs, while concentrating this information to the central procurement. The feature acquires records via different system users, departments and locations, and stores them centrally. This includes users like spare part sales managers and service managers etc. This information can then be used by purchase managers to designate best orderings or to attain special pricing from vendors. This particular module additionally comes with acceptance functionalities for instances when it is vital for purchase documents to be accepted by the higher management prior to being released.


Vendor lists can be set up and maintained via the system, whereas purchase transactions can be posted in journals and managed via creditor or vendor cards. There is also a vendor catalogue in the functionality, which enables users to generate vendor record details. You must use it if you have a vendor list at hand. However, it may also be used for the management of creditors. Payables are additionally integrated with the inventory and General Ledger. Most importantly, purchase transaction can be posted, and vendors can be managed in different currencies.

Details on Spare Part Purchase Management

The purchase order has the potential to register both financial and physical transactions. Users may choose to create purchase orders on a manual basis, but you could also generate them via purchase offers and multidelivery orders.
Through the system, you are also given the ability to manage purchase proposals, multidelivery orders, purchase order cancelations. As soon as an amount is entered over a given purchase order line, adjustments are made to the quantity available in inventory. However, the same is not going to be affected by a purchase invoice till the time that the invoice is posted. This functionality is best used for the management of partial receiving. You may also use it to receive and invoice on a separate basis form items.

For any purchase orders that you receive, a prepayment invoice can be created, whereas inventory figures are not going to be impacted by purchase proposals and multidelivery orders.

Apart from that, you may have the invoice discounts calculated on an automatic basis. The discount typically tends to differ on a vendor to vendor basis with varying minimum amounts. These can be mentioned in different currencies, and rates, depending on the overall size of the given invoice.

You may also use the system to automate the entire requisition procedure. All suggested purchases can automatically be generated on the basis of varying data. This includes reorder quantities, minimum and maximum quantities, vehicle service orders and so on.

Vendor management

This functionality is best used when purchasing the very same spare parts from different vendors. Through it, you may create alternative vendor and purchase price information for each inventory item. It can also be used in cases where a company has a number of possible vendors for the same spare parts / products with different item delivery time.