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Vehicle Sales Management

Elva DMS features an auto trade functionality that has the potential to manage entire sales processes. Trade activities can be supervised for both new and used vehicles, whereas necessary sales documents can be created.

Vehicle Sales Process Management

This function allows you to create sales quotes or proposals for customers. Through it, you are given the ability to either pick the required car from the inventory, or conduct calculations over vehicle price from manufacturer or importer warehouse. You may set the vehicle price automatically (via the vehicle assembly options function), or enter it manually. You can also transfer sales proposals to sales orders, and enter all of the information vital to the transaction of a sale.

Car Trade-in Management

Acquire a used car from a customer as a part payment for a new car. For this, the estimated value of an old vehicle is subtracted from the value of the new car.

Car Purchase Management

The Elva DMS prepayment functionality is to be used for the submission of payments before shipping an order. Once the purchase order is invoiced, it gets registered within the inventory.

Vehicle transfer amidst warehouses

The system can be used for the transfer of a car from one warehouse to another, and keep a track of vehicle movement in varying locations.

Vehicle guarantee information management

You may store information regarding one or several warranties of the car. Guarantee information can be attached both automatically and manually.

Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) Managemet

Each time that a vehicle is prepared for sales with the addition of added equipment or spare parts, the Elva DMS system is going to assist you in calculating the final cost, and sales price of the vehicle.

Apart from that, you also get to manage warranties, ensure recall services, and manage prices as well as discounts for service activities. However, prices and discounts need to be set on the basis of the signed agreement.

Vehicle Insurance Management

Detailed insurance information about the vehicle can also be added.

Vehicle Web Shop

This is the Elva DMS function that shows products and organized them online as the same is done in the system. A detailed view is offered when you open each product. Users may also benefit from the search and filter options.

Through the system, authorized customers are given the ability to see their special prices, and learn about discounts as they are entered into the system setup. Real-time stock availability information is also available.