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Car Sales Management in Automotive Industry

Vehicle sales process control

This function allows you to create sales quotes or proposals for customers. Through it, you are given the ability to either pick the required car from the inventory, or conduct calculations over vehicle price from manufacturer or importer warehouse. You may set the vehicle price automatically (via the vehicle assembly options function), or enter it manually. You can also transfer sales proposals to sales orders, and enter all of the information vital to the transaction of a sale.
The system can prove beneficial in the management of sales offers and sales order processes. There are certain differences between the direct setup of an invoice, and the setup of a sales order. These are: The available quantity is modified as soon as you enter an amount on a sales order line. However, it is not going to be included in the general ledger till the time that the invoice is posted.

Prepayment invoices for sales orders can also be created. There exists a different in terms of the time frame for the sale. There might exist a substantial period between the time when items are ordered and the time when they are sold. It is best for you to use offers all through the sales phase. However, inventory figures are not typically affected by offers.
Users can set up, post, and print sales credit memos and customer invoices. The system offers fully integrated functionality with General Ledger and Inventory.

Creation of vehicle sales return order

All necessary changes are made in inventory availability each time that a sales return order is received.

Management of Additional Expenses of Vehicle

Car price can easily be increased on the basis of the cost of additional expenses. These include service operations, taxes, accessories and registration etc.

Prepayment for vehicle sales or purchases

Prepayments can be used to charge either a percentage of the total order or for a specific amount prior to having the vehicle shipped to the customer. Prepayments can also be used to record all prepayments to vendors.

Through the prepayments function, you may ensure:

  • Invoicing and the creation of prepayments which are required from customers or remitting deposits to vendors
  • Creation of invoices that are reflective of the total order amount, minus any and all prepayments
  • Posting and tracking all prepayment amounts to specific accounts
You may even create multiple prepayment invoices for a single order. Apart from that, prepayment credit memos can be posted.