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Web Shop for Vehicle Sales

This is the Elva DMS function that shows products and organized them online as the same is done in the system. A detailed view is offered when you open each product. Users may also benefit from the search and filter options.

Through the system, authorized customers are given the ability to see their special prices, and learn about discounts as they are entered into the system setup. Real-time stock availability information is also available.

Online shopping operation management

The products being ordered are displayed in the ‘Shopping Cart’ page. The VAT or sales tax is calculated on the basis of the Elva DMS system set up. The web shop functionality also supports multiple currencies and shipping addresses. In case the customer has overdue invoices, or does not have any remaining credit limit, a warning is going to be issued to them.

Management of online order history

Customers are given the ability to follow up on order statuses. Draft orders can also be approved, deleted or amended. All drafts and orders in process are shown by default, whereas the full list of previous orders can also be viewed. Orders can also be repeated by customers by copying the content to a order.

Financial management for web shop

All the posted financial documents (invoices and payments etc.) can be viewed in the ‘Financials’ page through the Elva DMS system. You may only view open transactions by default. But the full list of historical transactions is also available.

Web shop content management

An in-line content management feature is provided by the system, which enables users to add custom content to pages via the Elva DMS web shop system. Formatted text, images, hyperlinks, and downloadable content can be added, whereas new pages can also be created.

Contact authorization from online shop

A one-click function is used for the generation of passwords. Welcome emails are typically delivered to the customer right through the Elva DMS system. Once a form is submitted by the prospect via the e-commerce webpage, all necessary records can be created with a single click in the Elva DMS system.

Online order processing

The Web Orders page is where you will be able to process the web orders. However, there’s a one-click function that you can use to convert it to systems Sales Orders. A number of other additional processing options are also available. These include splitting off the backorder in case an item is out of stock, rejecting an order, or sending out email notification about order changes.