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Elva DMS Testimonials & Case Studies

During 10 years’ experience in the market Elva DMS knows and understands automotive business and business related processes. Every new customer or partner success story makes us happy and gives us more excitement about what we do. The customer case studies and client testimonials illustrates how dealer management system Elva DMS has helped organizations to meet their desires and achieve success. It also provides additional insight about Elva DMS solution and its functionality.

Elva DMS ERP System for International Airport

“Our business requires lots of specifications and adjustments. But with Elva DMS it was easy to make them. This is an issue for similar systems that we checked. Elva DMS solution is modern and fits our requirements – to be applicable for the latest technologies. It is important to have all the financial information and industry specifics integrated into one system. I’m pleased to see the inside processes in our company have been changed and optimized. Our use of resources has been reviewed and the processes are organized more effectively”, Aleksey Zolotukhin, Head of corporate systems and network support, Pulkovo Airport.

Airport equipment and fleet maintenance system

Dealer Management System with International Experience

Bentley Riga - Luxury car dealer

Never lose control of your busines. You can track any operation, including external services, at any time. Create qualitative cost calculations in a few moments even for the most complex operations.

Arctic Trucks - Vehicle rebuilding company

Spare parts trade, service management and service schedule – all these complex and correlated processes become easily-manageable and transparent when you use Elva DMS. Solution is flexible and easily adaptable to our specific requirements as a manufacturer.

CATA - Public transport company

Reduced costs of book-keeping by more than 30%, 10% less fuel costs, transparent and easy-to-access data, better planning and control – that’s what we’ve got! The return of investment in Elva DMS exceeding several times already in the first year.

Elva DMS ERP System for Public Transport Company

“Our bookkeeping staff was reduced by more than 30% and there is still an option to continue this optimization process. Now we have better transparency in our data and more control over recourses to take action. As a result of this, we have managed to reduce our fuel expenses by approximately 10%. Just this reduction in fuel costs meant that returns from the investment in the Elva DMS solution were extremely fast – the solution has already paid back its initial costs several times over in the first year”, comments Anda Maurite, CFO of CATA Ltd.

Elva DMS public transport company success story

Maintenance Work Planning with Elva DMS Service Schedule

Skandi Motors - Multibrand vehicle dealer

"The car service station works like a conveyer. A lot of different operations are done here. But, if there are some delays in this chain, Schedule re-plans the processes automatically. At any time it is possible to check if there are any new orders or what’s going on with old ones. Compare planed time with the real terms to make our service station more effective."

Karlo Motors - Vehicle dealer

“Wherever I am, I’m informed about what happens in my service station. I know the plans for tomorrow, the day after or next week. When client arrives we can easily, in one moment look at the resources available, set deadlines and plan the jobs. It takes just a few seconds.”