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Services et maintenance rapides, sûrs et fiables dans les transports

Les nouvelles technologies peuvent rendre les transports automobiles plus efficients du point de vue de la consommation d’énergie et plus écologiques. Mais les nouvelles technologies de gestion de l’activité de transport rendent cette industrie plus efficace et plus efficiente. La solution de maintenance de service pour les entreprises de transport d’Elva DMS assure le contrôle complet des opérations de service de la société de transport. Elva DMS est destinée à répondre aux questions suivantes:

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How to register and control tires for cargo and public transport?

How to manage maintenance operations as external services?

Invoice your customer for maintenance works based on materials, jobs and time spent for service work. Make sales proposals (sales quotes) and invoices right from the system.

Get a full service history about heavy transport maintenance works.

The CRM (customer relationship management) function ensures precise communication with clients by making sales activities.

How to schedule and manage public transport trips?

Use the fixed route system to monitor vehicle operations along with the prescribed route according to a fixed schedule. By completing the route sheet, you schedule vehicles and drivers, and assign the designed trip. Get full time control of each stop the bus has made to analyze possible delays.

A detailed time report of the driver gives information on the actual working hours. Integration with the payroll function allows the driver’s exact salary to be calculated.

The cash management function allows control over cash operations made during the trip and the information goes directly to the accountancy department.

How to control cargo transportation operations?

Fuel inventory for cargo and other transportation companies allows fuel usage to be monitored and analyzed based on various criteria (e.g. technical specification, seasons etc.). Get a report on the actual versus standard fuel use.

How to organize maintenance works for transport organization?

Plan workshop activities and the workforce automatically by selecting the service package, or schedule jobs and mechanics manually. You can re-schedule planned activities if needed.

Define service packages for standard works. Service packages give the opportunity to automate planning (spare parts, employees, equipment) and ordering (spare parts) processes.

Schedule vehicle maintenance earlier and the system will collect information on the necessity for spare parts and automatically suggest inventory spare part replenishment (parts-refill) if needed. Anticipate maintenance works based on the vehicle odometer.

The mechanic can mark the time when the job has been started and finished. Based on this information you can calculate the exact hours spent on the job. This will help to obtain the costs including the mechanics salary. You can assign various specialists for one maintenance job.

Register both internal and external service works to keep information about vehicle service history and guarantees for jobs and/or parts (materials).

How to manage the spare part inventory at the Transport Company?

The spare part management function manages the information about the required parts for work. It supports the automatic or manual refilling (replenishment) of parts so that the inventory is always up to date. Keep the correct self-cost of the spare parts by adding additional costs such as taxes or transport costs to the specific spare part or the whole vendor invoice.

Manage and control your payables and receivables.

Fonctions pour la gestion de la maintenance de services dans les transports

Le système de gestion complète des services pour les sociétés de transport basé sur le système PGI soutient toute la gestion de la maintenance et des activités reliées. La fonction intégrée PGI permet l’intégration de la gestion de service avec d’autres départements. Le système de gestion des services dans les transports – Elva DMS – fournit les fonctions suivantes :

  • Informations sur le conducteur
  • Gestion parcours fixe
  • Plan services de maintenance
  • Gestion pièces de rechange
  • Gestion des services parc auto
  • Stock combustibles
  • Gestion créditeurs et débiteurs
  • Historique service
Service History Register
Anda MauriteCFO of CATA Ltd.
Our bookkeeping staff was reduced by more than 30%. We have managed to reduce our fuel expenses by approximately 10%. The investment in the Elva DMS has paid back its initial costs several times over in the first year.

Qualité soutenable et conformité dans les opérations sur le parc matériel aéroportuaire

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