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Sustainable quality and compliance across an airport’s equipment fleet operations

Aviation organizations operates in highly developed industry that requires high standards of service quality and safety. To ensure this, it is vital to choose latest technology intelligent management solution. Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Management solution from Elva DMS is designed to answer to the following questions:

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How to manage the airport equipment fleet internal service?

Schedule maintenance for airport fleet items like transport (buses, cars, trucks or mobile fuel stations), ground support equipment also known as GSE (baggage carts, passenger stairs, aircraft tractor or any other aircraft service equipment) and small machinery (lawnmower and other staff equipment).

Get automatic fleet maintenance scheduling. The Elva DMS system plans the date and time of when each fleet item needs service works and sets tasks (including service packs) for users.

See the full equipment service history and control equipment or vehicle mileage or motor hours.

How to manage airport equipment fleet external services?

When equipment maintenance work is outsourced, get full control of the whole process in the Elva DMS system. Get an analysis and evaluation of outsourced services.

Asset management for airports

Connect the vehicle card to the fixed asset card and get full control and analysis of airport assets. Purchase and sell your vehicles or equipment, add maintenance costs or reduce self-costs, with depreciation of assets.

How to manage stock for airports?

Use the Elva DMS inventory (stock) and location management function to record and control airport items and materials like spare parts, fuel, clothes and other special materials. Use asset locations or assign responsible persons for each item or stock.

Elva DMS spare part replenishment keeps airport stock replenished with the right amount of spare parts. The function plans and orders required items.

How to control fuel operation for airports?

Monitor both internal and external fuel operations. Get actual fuel consumption, compare it to consumption norms and monitor fuel losses. Analyze data per each driver and work done by the employee.

Get detailed information about the fuel station by using the fuel station management function.

How to get details and instruction of fleet operations within the airport?

The waybill (consignment note) for airports by Elva DMS indicates and combines data about the vehicle, driver and given tasks. Analyze the planned vehicle departure and arrival time with actual data to control and monitor the exploitation of the airport internal fleet. All data goes directly to the Elva DMS ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics NAV).

The waybill function ensures full registering of motor hours (also known as engine hours or machine hours) in correlation with the time spent and the completed distance.

How to ensure a high level of labor safety in the airport?

By using the driver education function, keep information about the company staff up to date and get full control over labor permissions and licenses.

Get system notifications and tasks about periodic equipment verification.

A user can submit a problem regarding the equipment in the system and the notification goes directly to the user responsible for service requests.

Can the mobile device be applicable to airports?

The Elva DMS management solution for airports supports mobile apps and web access to the whole ERP (enterprise recourse planning) functionality online through web access. Perform all your operations using mobile devices along with desktop computers. The mobile app allows the Elva DMS ERP solution to be used offline and data to be synchronized when needed.

How to manage property rent in airports?

The airport real estate management function controls indenture with the property lessee. Based on each agreement and the conditions, the system automatically makes invoices for the lessee based on the required period. It is fully integrated with the airport accountancy.

How to administrate airport services?

The airport services billing system generates invoices directly from the system to airline companies. Invoices can be generated based on the actual situation or required period. Pricing algorithms are based on agreement conditions.

Features for Airport Fleet Maintenance Management

Get reliable real-time information on airport fleet service state or other related recourses. Elva DMS provides data to all parties involved and assigned. Integrated airport equipment and fleet service management solution ensures the following features:
Service Graphic Scheduler
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