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High-quality heavy equipment machinery service and construction management

To get high business results at construction machinery industry business is important to have specialized equipment for the various market segments. This can be achieved by providing multitask machinery. The more complicated the machinery becomes, the more complicated becomes its maintenance. Heavy equipment machinery service management solution from Elva DMS covers maintenance operation management to ensure the highest standards. Elva DMS is designed to answer the following questions:
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How to manage the fleet service for heavy equipment?

Get your service capacity by maintenance time scheduling, work, material (spare parts) and equipment planning. Reschedule any service element, including mechanics and/or equipment automatically.

Connect the spare part inventory to the service schedule to get precise spare part planning. Get automated spare part planning and ordering based on service load.

A full service history ensures the provision of information on jobs carried out on the vehicle and spare parts used for maintenance or rebuilding.

How to control depreciation for heavy equipment?

Record an unlimited amount of depreciation for heavy equipment in the system. Complete depreciation calculations automatically and keep control over your asset value.

Manage your equipment asset maintenance costs or plan future projected values.

How to calculate an inventory value?

Get an inventory value estimation based on the location or period. Predict a future inventory value based on the data recorded in the system.

Automatically define the stock value. The system allows a work in progress (WIP) function, which refers to materials and partly finished products that have entered the production process but are not yet finished.

Use inventory calculation journals to compare actual and planned inventory and adjust facts, or use Item reclassification and movement by departments.

How to manage rental for heavy equipment?

• predefine your rent items – equipment or articles.
• oversee all the information about your equipment – brand, model, etc.
• group your equipment, set default rent package for additional services (for example delivery, set up, collection etc.).
• define the specification for your equipment – what is the length of your machinery, what is the maximum height at which it can reach an object, etc.
• oversee your equipment status – available or not available and the last motor hours (work hours).
• flexible pricing, that can be defined based on different period types – hour, day, week, month.

How to use an online web shop for heavy equipment?

If you sell heavy equipment or spare parts for heavy vehicles, use a web shop that is integrated with the DMS system. In this case you can manage the online shop right from the system with no need to enter the web shop’s CMS (content management system).

Get requests from a web shop right into the DMS system and make a sales quote or invoice based on the web request.

How to manage leasing operations?

The leasing and financing function provides an automatic payment schedule and legal document creation. For self-financing dealerships a billing system is available including the control of payments, schedule changes.

Project management for heavy equipment companies

Set up a project and follow its progress in the system. Make its budget and manage project accomplishment. Compere set goals to real goal status. After the project has finished, evaluate its profitability.

Everything you need to run your construction equipment dealership business with Elva DMS

Features for Heavy Equipment Service Management

Get real-time technical information about your heavy machinery. Manage maintenance works and plan them to reach highest organization efficiency. Heavy equipment machinery service and construction management solution from Elva DMS provides following features:
Service Maintenance Packages
Herjólfur GuðbjartssonCFO, Artic Trucks
Spare parts trade, service management and service schedule – all these complex and correlated processes become easily-manageable and transparent when you use Elva DMS. Solution is flexible and easily adaptable to our specific requirements as a manufacturer.

Why to choose Elva DMS for your business?

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