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Faster spare part delivery and easy inventory management to build long-term customer relationships

Build a strong long-term customer relationship at your vehicle spare parts business. Spare part management solution from Elva DMS will help to offer customers better service, fast and precise spare part delivery. Maintain spare part non-stock catalogues to offer large range of good quality spare parts. Spare part management solution from Elva DMS is design to answer the following questions:
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How to control the spare part inventory?

Analyze stock by items and by the time they are in the inventory. Dead stock inventory in the automotive industry allows inefficient amounts of stock items to be identified. This information helps to find mistakes in the spare part ordering process.

Automatic spare part purchasing with a pre-defined item type or delivery time will keep the stock updated.

In the case that the spare part is reserved for a client, the inventory management function will automatically make a purchase order. Delivery operation will be completed at the time when the reserved spare part is handed out to the customer.

How to manage non-stock item online catalogues?

Integration with non-stock item online catalogues speeds up document and data processing. When selecting a specific make of car, this function allows the spare parts that are available for this vehicle to be seen.

If this item is not registered in your database, there is no need for double data entry to register it. With non-stock item catalogue integration just select the required spare parts and make an order direct from the system. The item will automatically be registered in the inventory with the correct price and barcode.

Spare parts warehouse management for the automotive industry

Make your warehouse placement electronic, and control the movement and storage of the spare parts within it. Use hand-held devices with a barcode reader to register the location of the exact item in the stock. This function facilitates the stock-taking (inventory) process and limits human error.

Clients’ orders are always placed locally and the system suggests the right location, but it can be changed manually by the user.

Track item storage and take away times by each order or warehouse employee to calculate wages or bonuses.

How to manage the multi-location spare part inventory (multi-stock)?

Centralize the inventory process management for all stocks. Monitor and control the spare part status in all stocks from one place. Plan and order items for all locations together. Get reports and analyses for each stock location separately or for the business in total.

Create customer orders locally and make centralized ordering to vendors.

How to manage sales and retail operations in the automotive spare part business?

With POS (point-of-sales) integration with auto part management system get a control over retail operations. Get transaction information and analyze it in a single system.

Together with making a new vehicle spare part purchase you can automatically design and print item labels right from the system for retail.

Offer discounts on a specific item, specific client or client group, or make a price cut to the defined amount. Give a discount or deal price on complex item combinations (Mix & Match). Include maintenance parts, its variants, item groups or categories in the offer. Give a mix & match offer to a customer when he is buying a specific quantity and or a combination of items.

You can make client segments that have different payment conditions and invoices will always be made based on this information.

Realize the price differential based on stock location by setting diverse pricing in each auto part store.

Set up the spare part price depending on delivery type (e.g. express delivery).

How to process ordered and received auto parts?

Monitor delivered spare parts and arrange them based on the customer’s order. The system shows a notification on the user interface about the status of the client’s order. Contact the customer and inform them that the car part has arrived.

Features for Spare Part Management

Get full information about spare part stock status and analyze of the stock to make precise business decisions. Spare part management solution from Elva DMS provides the following features:
Spare Part Reservation
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Possibility to acquire data on clients, their payments, car history in a fast manner and to see what is happening in company's other branches is the most convenient thing for us.

Why to choose Elva DMS for your business?

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Flexible and easily modifiable DMS system
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