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Elva DMS web shop is designed for both B2B and B2C customers.

B2B – for registered customers only

All the customer data is saved in the system, so there is no need to re-enter them by the check-out. The system supports fallowing functions:

  • shows only individualised information, for example, customised prices, discounts for a specific user;
  • a user can see his payment history to order similar spare parts;
  • oversee your invoices, balance and credit information;
  • upload an order from a Excel file.

B2C – for unregistered users

A customer can make his order without registration (or register themselves). There is a fast check-out option for making an order – the customer needs to enter just the company name, delivery address etc. All new orders are automatically registered and processed in Elva DMS system.

Web Shop Functionality

The web shop system works online, meaning that all the information from the web is instantly synchronized with Elva DMS system. This is why your web shop can reflect such detailed information like the count of spare parts in the warehouse or just the main information whether the item is available or not. In the case of multiple stock locations, this information can also be reflected about several warehouses.

The Elva DMS web shop supports status notifications with information “order received”, “order in progress” etc.

You can manage your web shop through Elva DMS system defining the prices (or discounts) and the location of certain spare part in the web shop menu tree. You can add photo, pdf, video and other files to the articles.

Our web shop offers search functionality helping your customers to find a certain spare part based on different parameters.

The Elva DMS web shop has a default design, that you can change as you wish.