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Build trust in customer relationships in the used car business

Ensure a unique car buying experience to the customers that focuses on customer satisfaction. For used car business building trust is vital. Successful used car business is not only about the ability to find quality cars at great prices but it is also about the ability to fix cars and make them more valuable. Suitable used car ERP system can meet the business needs by using one system. Used Car Sales Management solution from Elva DMS is able to answer to the following questions:

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How to manage a web shop for used car dealers?

The Elva DMS system ensures integration with an online car catalogue (web shop). Information about the vehicles (technical information, pictures etc.) can be edited right from the ERP (enterprise recourse planning) system with no need to enter the web page CMS (content management system).

All requests submitted trough the web shop (online) by a customer, automatically transfers to the Elva DMS backend system and is shown to the user (your employee) in an appropriate module such as vehicle sales, test drives, quotes, car orders etc..

The notification appears at the user’s Role Centre. Make a sales offer directly from the Elva DMS system based on the item customer has picked in the web shop. All photos and a description of the vehicle is available in the sales quote like in the online shop (form and quote printing).

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for used car dealers

The integrated CRM system ensures, tracks and analyzes second hand car dealer sales and marketing activities (Sales Performance Tracking). The function allows tasks to be made and assigned for other users and its status to be controlled.

Segment customers by financial information or any other required filter (Contact Management). Financial information with all customer history is integrated with the Elva DMS accountancy department.

Integration with telephone exchanges makes call operations effective and easy to be analyzed.

How to ensure car servicing for used car dealers?

Electronically schedule service works based on staff load. Get full analysis of service operations and mechanic efficiency.

The spare part management function controls item inventory and automatically replenishes spare parts. It guarantees the right amount of available items constantly.

Before selling the car to the customer, complete the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) process. This will guarantee you have done all the required work for the car before the sale.

How to evaluate and set the car price for used car dealers?

After receiving the vehicle, complete the diagnostics with mobile devices (if needed). The car cost management function will record all costs for smartening up the vehicle (oil change, spare parts, car painting etc.) before the sale. This will give the vehicle optimal value.

You can add indirect costs such as transportation, external services, taxes or storage costs etc. to have an accurate and complete price / profit analysis per each car, period or cost center.

How to use mobile devices for used car dealers?

The Elva DMS system function for used car dealers is available for use on mobile devices (including bar codes) using Windows Phone, Android and iOS operating systems. All actions made on mobile device is synchronized with the desktop system.

The second hand car dealership mobile device module provides both online and offline connections to the Elva DMS ERP back-office.

How to manage the car stock at a used car dealer (Used Car Lot Management

Register and analyze the car stock by required criteria. You can get a report on how long the car has been for sale, how old the cars for sale are etc. You can define the required criteria by yourself.

Features for Used Vehicle Sales

Build customer trust and manage your used car sales business successfully by using integrated automotive ERP system. Have all business data at one place. Dealer management system (DMS) for used car sales – Elva DMS – provides following features:

Financial Budget
?riks BirksMember of the Board / M?sa Motors R?ga
Possibility to acquire data on clients, their payments, car history in a fast manner and to see what is happening in company's other branches is the most convenient thing for us.
Microsoft Dynamics certified ERP (enterprise resourse planning system) for automotive industry
Always updated business solution based on world’s leading ERP platform – Microsoft Dynamics
Worldwide support – more than 50 distributers throughout the world
Development rights for customers
Flexible and easily modifiable DMS system
Experts with more than 10 years’ experience in automotive business.

High standards for quality - ISO certification for enterprise recourse planning solutions development, implementation and support