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Efficient spare part management and service scheduling for modification and tuning processes

At these days it’s not enough to have fully equipped workshop to run successful business. Workshop recourse planning and managing is the key to well grown business. Control all processes starting from spare part management to service loud scheduling (including mechanics and equipment) till manufacturing process management. ERP (enterprise recourse planning) system for vehicle modification and tuning process management – Elva DMS – is design to answer the following questions:
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How to manage manufacturing processes in the automotive industry?

Manage production by planning your capacity requirements (materials and workload), making production orders, control bills of materials and control supply.

Create a sample or template of a production order (production recipes) that gives you the exact steps which need to be taken to make a product. You can define specific manufacturing tasks.

Complete a production order that includes information on how much should be manufactured, what materials will be needed and how many mechanic hours will be required.

Automatically after submitting a production order, the inventory function reserves the required materials. In the case that not all the materials are in stock, the system notifies the purchase manager and he completes the spare part order.

How to organize a workshop for performance shop companies?

Use automatic planning (scheduling) and re-planning (re-scheduling). If an unexpected change has appeared in the manufacturing process (e.g. the mechanic falls ill) that affects further workshop or service processes, automatically re-schedule the workforce and avoid workshop downtime.

Divide your production project into steps and assign each step to the necessary resource or resource group. Control inventory levels and work in progress costs while modifying the vehicle.

How to get the actual cost of production for the automotive manufacturer?

Monitor and register the actual use of materials and the workforce when calculating the prime cost of production. It includes the registration of work downtime, wastage of materials or any other error occurring during the process.

Analyze how effective and successful your manufacturing projects are.

How to manage modified and tuned vehicle sales processes?

Complete sales offers based on the configuration made. Add additional equipment offered by the car manufacturer and/or from your own vehicle option list to the proposal and get the sales price.

The integrated CRM (customer relationship management) function segments your customers based on pre-defined criteria to ensure effective marketing and sales campaigns. The CRM function allows monitoring and control of sales and marketing managers, can give tasks and check the status through the system.

Register information about the customers and analyze them based on specific criteria.

How to manage the online web shop for a modified and tuned vehicle dealer?

Make a web store to show the customer cars and their specification available for purchase or for order. The web shop is managed direct from the DMS system: picture upload, specification and descriptions. No need for specific CMS (content management system) knowledge. No need for double data entry, which limits human errors.

How to use mobile technologies effectively in the automotive business?

The Elva DMS (dealer management system) solution can be used fully with mobile devices. Take control of your business from anywhere by seeing the most important KPI (key performance indicator) results at your mobile device (smart phone or tablet) it is either iOS, Android or Windows based.

Features for Vehicle Modify Management

Get full control over manufacturing processes, service maintenance activities and spare part inventory. Performance shop management software from Elva DMS provides following features:
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Herjólfur GuðbjartssonCFO / Artic Trucks
Spare parts trade, service management and service schedule – all these complex and correlated processes become easily-manageable and transparent when you use Elva DMS. Solution is flexible and easily adaptable to our specific requirements as a manufacturer.

Why to choose Elva DMS for your business?

Microsoft Dynamics certified ERP (enterprise resourse planning system) for automotive industry
Always updated business solution based on world’s leading ERP platform – Microsoft Dynamics
Worldwide support – more than 50 distributers throughout the world
Development rights for customers
Flexible and easily modifiable DMS system
Experts with more than 10 years’ experience in automotive business.

High standards for quality - ISO certification for enterprise recourse planning solutions development, implementation and support