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Car sales & aftersales management and mobile sales

To make vehicle dealership business profitable, being knowledgeable about cars will not be enough. Successful inventory, stuff and other recourse management and attracting new clients is vital for dealership business. Vehicle dealership management solution (DMS) Elva DMS as an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system ensures all automotive business process management from one software.
When choosing a dealer management system (DMS) it is important to diagnose every-day business processes. Only after realizing organizations main requirements you can find a system most suitable for your business. Dealership management solution from Elva DMS is designed to answer the following questions:

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How to ensure car service efficiency?

Adjusted service packages allow job and item packages to be built and manual work to be reduced.

Electronic work planning and scheduling at the workshop and garage by Service Schedule ensures automatic planning, re-scheduling and workshop analyses.

The time management function ensures client and service work scheduling, mechanic work planning and time to be compared between the exact, planned time and times set by the manufacturer. Analyze your company use of time.

Fast and automated spare part warehouse operations (including inventory management, bin management and barcoding).

Warehouse replenishment for car dealers automatically replenishes the warehouse by ordering and planning the needed spare parts based on inventory requirements.

Body works (body painting) standard time management saves time on service scheduling and repair job planning.

Use mobile devices like barcode, magnetic stripe (also known as swipe card or magstripe), touch screen or other input devices for work registration. Information from devices goes directly into the system. The barcode can also be used for stock management to control and register items.

How to use mobile devices in car sales?

Access your data from anywhere with an internet connection by using the web interface (supported by Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari).

Access data by using a mobile device of any kind: Hand-held, Smart phone, Tablet (supported by Windows Phone, Android and iOS).

Reduction of paper work. Operations are done electronically and are fully integrated with other DMS system departments.

Document management for vehicle sales organizations

Share Point integration into the dealer management system (DMS) Elva DMS.

Storage of pictures or any other files although the DMS system.

Use of merge fields to create customer agreements or other documents with Elva DMS CRM & HR modules.

How to manage B2B and B2C relations in the automotive industry?

Integrated online solution (web shop) that allows to manage B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Customer) relations. It includes central web data management from the dealer management system directly to your web page. Allows full web functionality such as items of cars, user registration and passwords, documents and files, price per customer, offers, ordering and much more.

By choosing a ready-to-use car sales web shop made by Elva DMS, you ensure your customers will be able to browse it using iPhone, iPad or Android devices. This is possible thanks to the Elva DMS web responsive online store design.

How to optimize work with vehicle OEM (original equipment manufacturer) systems?

Elva DMS ensures an OEM system interface that saves time, avoids double data entry and limits user mistakes. Depending on the required integration, it can be included in Elva DMS standard modules. It can also be easily extended by using web-services technology. Reporting technology is made to easily filter DMS data by brands and compare brand data.

How to reduce manual work for car sales?

The built-in CRM (customer relationship management) system ensures a single contact database that is linked to financial data. Perform marketing and sales activities, control and analyze the results.

Vehicle self-cost management ensures integration between different departments and provides an atomized cost calculation process that limits user mistakes and manual work.

By using the Vehicle assembly function, users are able to create fast quotes or offers with different car options including manufacturer options or own options. Printouts include showing / hiding the given discount amount for all the vehicle or specific car options.

How to control external services?

Purchase and management of external services ensures full control of the process.

The external service management module gives you analysis of external services by vendor, type of external service or profit / amount by period.

How to manage car rental operations?

Short and mid-term car, recreational vehicle (RV) or any other vehicle rental operation management.

Schedule and plan rental cars automatically.

Create rental agreements based on the contact database and make invoices.

Web based application (web page) for car rental integrated into the Elva DMS system.

Car rental analysis.

How to manage retail operation in a car sales organization?

Point of sale (POS) integration that provides complete analysis of car dealer retail operations (e.g. accessories trade) including data about the types of payments through the system.

Full analysis of retail operations including filtering by store (showroom), POS or cashier. Enable cash bill printing directly from the service order or spare part invoice.

How to organize an international car sales business?

Multi-language interface allows the user to work with the Elva DMS system in different languages at the same time.

Multi-currency allows to operate with payments in various currencies. Currency rates are applied for all transactions when posted to the general ledger. Individual system localization for each country.

How to organize multi-brand car dealers’ daily work?

Sales and service operation management for multi-brand dealers using one DMS software. Ensure vehicle manufacturers requirements to handle all data in one system including multi-company, multi-currency or multi-brand set-up.

Features for Vehicle Sales Management

Get key vehicle dealership performance indicators and manage the business with Elva DMS. Dealer management system (DMS) Elva DMS provides analyze and control instruments for successful business overview. Integrated automotive ERP solution Elva DMS ensures the following features:
Vehicle list at vehicle sales function
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Possibility to acquire data on clients, their payments, car history in a fast manner and to see what is happening in company's other branches is the most convenient thing for us.

Why to choose dealer management system Elva DMS for your business?

Microsoft Certified

Microsoft Dynamics certified ERP (enterprise resourse planning system) for automotive industry

Based on ERP System

Always updated business solution based on world’s leading ERP platform – Microsoft Dynamics

Worldwide support

Worldwide support – more than 50 distributers throughout the world

Open Code

Development rights for customers

Flexible and Easy

Flexible and easily modifiable DMS system

Industry Experts

Experts with more than 10 years’ experience in automotive business.

High standards for quality - ISO certification for enterprise recourse planning solutions development, implementation and support