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Effective and convenient auto repair services to attract and maintain a loyal customer base

Vehicle repair service business is all about the time and quality. Reduce service downtime and plan service recourses including mechanics and equipment. Vehicle service management system from Elva DMS ensures vehicle repair business functions and allows to manage entire organization using this one system. Elva DMS for service management is designed to answer the following questions:

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How to manage service networks?

Centralize car service stations in your service network by managing all vehicle repair stations from one place. Schedule service works and technicians for any garage at any location.

How to ensure multiple inventory (stock) management?

Record spare parts and other materials across the service stations and within the central stock. Transfer items between services. Monitor the amount of stock materials as per location or exact date.

The spare part management function allows the ordering of spare parts, centralized for all repair stations at any location. Orders can be made automatically based on customer orders or warehouse (inventory) requisitions suggested by the system.

Integration with spare part catalogues.

How to automate and speed up service receipt?

Set service packages for a specific type of vehicle (e.g. make of car) or service work (e.g. engine repair) and define the work and materials needed for this maintenance. After completing the service quote, you automatically see the pre-defined works and materials needed for the repair work.

Quick service document (quote, order or invoice) preparation with no need for double data entry. Use standard work time catalogue integration to speed up customer service with automatic job times.

How to manage and analyze service workshop?

Service scheduling gives you the ability to plan equipment, mechanics and works in a graphic tool. Analyze and compare the actual time for works to the time invoiced for the customer or standard times.

Analyze the reasons why jobs and time planned at the beginning has changed. Get a report on specific spare part segments which are most often out of stock. You can indicate the reason code by yourself based on business specifics. This will ensure greater predictability of your workshop resources that you can use to increase customer service levels. Mechanic work time registration gives exact information on spent time. This information is used to calculate a worker’s salary (wage) or bonuses.

How to increase customer loyalty at the vehicle service station?

Get a full service history and see the exact works carried out and the materials used for the car for the whole maintenance period.

Service CRM (customer relationship management) allows segments to be made based on the required criteria (service works or make of car, etc.) and to realize sales and marketing campaigns. Keep multiple contacts for one vehicle and contact the right person in each situation.

Register and give service guarantees separately for repair works and used materials. Or, make one guarantee certificate for all the maintenance work, including jobs and spare parts. Make long-term contracts with car or vehicle owners and schedule their maintenance works automatically. Support customers with loyalty discounts on specific spare part groups or set up a special price on an exact item or labor.

Tire hotel

This functionality is essential for countries with winter/summer tire change as it provides customer’s tire receiving and storage. The system helps you to follow the information, where the tires are stored as well as makes the billing for the tire storage. You can register tire change and tire storage in one job card and manage the tire storage and return process.

How to monitor financial information at the vehicle service station?

Get full service, customer and spare part management integration for financial (accounting) information. Receive financial reports, notifications about outstanding debts and BI (Business Intelligence) reports.

How to use mobile devices at repair stations?

Use hand-held devices or other mobile device car damage diagnostics. Take photos and fill out the damage checklist. This information goes directly to the Elva DMS system.

Make service quotes on the way or pick up spare parts from the stock by scanning items and creating and order or invoice.

How to manage insurance transactions for repair works?

In the case of insurance, make split payments for both the car owner and insurance company. The required documentation is made for both sides.

How to control external services at the Service Company?

Register outsourced services in the system and get control over the expenses accrued. These costs will be included in the client’s invoice automatically.

Features for Vehicle Aftersales Service Management

Higher customer loyalty and be on control over service recourse usage. Repair service management software from Elva DMS ensures the following features for profitable automotive business management:
Warranty Management
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Possibility to acquire data on clients, their payments, car history in a fast manner and to see what is happening in company's other branches is the most convenient thing for us.
Microsoft Dynamics certified ERP (enterprise resourse planning system) for automotive industry
Always updated business solution based on world’s leading ERP platform – Microsoft Dynamics
Worldwide support – more than 50 distributers throughout the world
Development rights for customers
Flexible and easily modifiable DMS system
Experts with more than 10 years’ experience in automotive business.

High standards for quality - ISO certification for enterprise recourse planning solutions development, implementation and support