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Customer Relationship Management in Automotive Industry

The vehicle sales and service CRM offered by Elva DMS comes with a number of operations that can be used to track interactions with contacts, customers and their vehicles at large. There are countless CRM solutions in the market these days, but Elva DMS allows for you to segment all contact database on the basic of vehicle age, brand, and engine type etc. Apart from that, you, as a user, may target all of your marketing activities on the basis of prospect customer interest or the vehicles that are currently under use by them. There are countless other function for service CRM needs that are offered by Elva DMS along with the basic dealership showroom CRM. All of these functions are meant to help you enhance your sales and win long-term customer loyalty.

Loyalty Management

The system enables its users to formulate individual discount policies for certain clients and client groups. You can setup discounts for specific items, or item groups within a particular period. However, for all of your contracted customers, the system allows you to build specific pricelist that will eventually come to an end when the contract ends.

Contact Management

All of the external entities that you hold business relations with – including customers, vendors and prospective customers – can easily be recorded in the system as contact. Information on an organization, or a particular contact at that company can also be recorded. If you make a double-entry of a particular contact that already exists in the system, the duplicate check function will give you a warning for the same.

Marketing Management

Users are now given the ability to complete and control all of their marketing campaigns for several different segments. Details on marketing history can be acquired.

Contacts can additionally be segmented on the basis of common characteristics. These are inclusive of:

  • Contact profiles
  • Sales
  • Interactions
  • Vehicle information

Task Management

All the tasks related to your sales and marketing activities can easily be organized through the system. To-dos can be created for yourself, whereas you may also choose to assign task to other users, or groups of users. Automatically recurring to-do lists and activities can also be created, which may contain of many different to-dos. You may also setup workflows specified tasks. Furthermore, you can use the system to assign tasks that consist of a number of to-dos to other users/teams of users, all of which are pre-recorded in the program.

Opportunity Management

This functionality is basically meant to help you keep track of all sales opportunities. There are different stages that you can section your sales processes into, which can later be used for the management of your sales opportunities. An overview of the sales opportunities can be check out in the sales plan.