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Multiple Language System

Multilingual features are enabled in Elva DMS, and the system is available in different translated languages. The default language is English, but you may choose to run system in various languages simultaneously and rest assured that all your other local adaptations are going to remain unchanged.
You have the ability to place alternative descriptions for all inventory items, and take print outs of reports in several language. For instance, you may choose to prepare an invoice in the language that is native to the receiver. Individual customers can have separate descriptions linked to them as well.
The interface of Elva DMS is set to be used in several languages. Every user has the potential to choose the language that they wish to use during setup. For example, while HQ chooses to use English as the default language, local users of a particular branch may choose to use French. The data can easily be accessed in the language that the user enters data in. As well, translations are available for a number of system areas including units of measures, and spare parts etc.