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Scheduling & Planning for Automotive Industry

The Elva DMS Scheduler is a highly interactive online tool that has been designed for mechanic time registration, customer visit planning, service order management, booking over locations, as well as to analyze the amount of time actually spent in comparison to invoiced or standard time.

The Elva DMS scheduler comes with a colorful layout, through which information on actual status in service workshop can easily be acquired. All planning values can easily be setup, and are inclusive of:

  • Customer arriving planning
  • Mechanic work starting time
  • Finished service orders etc.

The information is viewable in varying colors so that foreman service workshop management can be facilitated.

On the basis of your received service orders, you may conduct online work planning and re-planning. Apart from that, you may even schedule test-drive, rental cars, equipment and a number of other resources. Mechanics can be planned out for the work, or grouped on the basis of their specialization or qualification.

The system also makes it possible for users to acquire statistics on service load (fill percentage), received amount of orders, and mechanic work efficiency. Details on mechanics’ job time registration (mechanic work time stamping) are also available. These include every service task, arrival, leaving and absence time. Records of actual job start and finish time can be viewed.

This functionality additionally enables users to go through an overview of service work status (started/ready, etc., with details on exact timings – for instance, delivery time etc. You may even choose to change work accomplishment time, whereas long duration work can easily be stopped for the initiation of another task, and then go back to carry on with the previous one. Users can post reasons why work has stopped, for example, no spare part in stock etc. The information can then later be viewed and analyzed.

Users are enabled to review service realization for spare parts, works, external works and materials etc. External services, like settlement of accounts with service providers can be allocated as well. You may select service packages and then put them through modifications.

Availability can also be viewed from one place of customer vehicle maintenance booking, to any of the varying service locations of the company. Planning can be conducted for groups of mechanics or any specific mechanic. Long term repairing, or vehicle tuning and/or manufacturing can also be automatically rescheduled.